What I Do!

Event Planning

The big day you’ve been waiting for is almost here! Your wedding, baby shower, birthday party, bar/bat mitzvah….and you have no idea where to begin. Don’t panic! I’m here!

I am to contact vendors as well as negotiate contracts on your behalf. I’m also able to suggest activities to really take your event to the next level.


I enjoy colorful design and fun fonts. I am always trying to find new ways to make your site pop! (Did you notice the purple page you’re on?)

I will be upfront, I will almost always recommend using Squarespace or Wix for your website. No this is not sponsored, I just really like using them. I also recommend buying and owning your domain. While it can be a tad more expensive, I think it’s worth the investment. I think these sites are easy to edit and maintain as well as looks very professional.

However, I am open to whatever website platform you choose. It’s your website after all!

Event Coordination

Do you have the perfect day planned, but want to make sure everything goes as planned? That’s where I come in!

I am available for day-of-coordination and making sure everything goes smoothly. Together we will create a schedule for the day. I will meet with vendors on your behalf the day and make sure everyone is on time and up to par.

Website Maintenance

Are you in profession or business that requires you to be constantly updating your website? Maybe you had a website designer, but now have no idea how to do anything without them. Or maybe you just don’t have time.

I am available for lessons teaching you how to maintain your website or be the one to do all the technical things to maintain your website.

I can provide a schedule as to when we update your website or be on call when you have something new to add to your website.

Event Decorating

What’s a party without decorations? From weddings to birthday parties to baby showers, I’m your decorator! I have a lot of experience and learned time management setting up large rooms in a short and clean manner.

I can provide guidance for picking out decorations on a budget, as well finding the best way to get them to you, whether it be the internet or vendors.

Reel/Video Editing

I come from an acting and entertainment background, so I know what makes a reel pop. I will help create a reel that shows off your best work and truly represents you!

I also edit short films, commercials, travel, and music videos.

I can help upload to sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and casting websites.